Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cheers to 2011

If you remember last year, we toasted to the end of the year with a glass of Blue Moon and our freshly picked oranges. All 2 of them. I figured this year we would continue the tradition since our trees were a bit more fruitful, nearly bent to the ground with the weight of the citrus.

It has been a good year at 765.

We dug up our front yard to make room for a vegetable garden and hopeful wedding flowers. In the process we found treasures that dated our house.

Travis and I sanded and sanded and sanded to get the years of paint off our cabinets. I still stand back and just look at them sometimes. They sure are pretty.

We got MARRIED. I'm so glad we had the wedding blog, because you quickly forget how much time, energy and emotion went into the whole day. But it we perfect.

The shed got a pair of beautiful doors to finish it off, but not without a few losses. Thanks again Mitch!

Chickens found a home in our yard once again.

We had a bountiful front yard. So many cucumbers we had a to find new recipes for them.

Travis (and his supervisor) dabbled in some plumbing.

And we realized we have the best dog EVER.

Cheers to one memorable year, and an even better 2012!


Mom and Dad said...

Cheers to your great 2011!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great review of 765 Nest 2011!!
Tomorrow's game will be exciting!! Is it a holiday in Baton Rouge?
2012 Hugs to you two! Boppy & Reggie

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