Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A New Project

It's been a while. Quite a while.
Projects have been at a lull at 765 for some time. We got busy with travel and work and, well, life. Then we decided to make up for lost time and take on a substantial project. Certainly our biggest interior project yet, that would provide plenty of blog content for the months to come.

Our front bedroom/office is being gutted. The walls are coming down and we're starting fresh. The thin plywood paneling that warped and peeled around the windows didn't fit in with the beautiful old cypress and pine wood throughout the house.  

 The paneling snapped off with some ease, giving way to old wallpaper underneath. The wallpaper was the only thing covering the tounge-and-groove wood wall structure. Likely cold in the winter, it's certainly why they added a layer of paneling.

 In a home as old as ours there's bound to be history we uncover. Right next to the existing switch was a square from the old one, with a single hole for the knob & tube wiring.And below it, a section of crayon scribbles from a little one.

 The wall paper is cleared out, interior workings of the walls exposed, and plenty of wiring and insulation projects are in the works. All this work just to get rid of some old warping paneling?
Yes and no.
See there is a little something else to the story. Something very little, that would need a fresh room with bright, colorful walls and a consistent temperature. That's right, 765 is absolutely a nest in progress...

Whether the room is ready or not Baby Moore is coming March 5th!
So join us here as we chronicle our nest in the months to come!