Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today Is The Day

Eeeeeekk! After what our Realtor has called the longest, most difficult way we could have possibly bought the house, it is finally going to be ours! At 4:30 this afternoon we're signing those documents and handing over the largest check I've ever written. For those of you that have heard the whole process from Day 1 you know what a crazy battle this has been. For those of you that didn't hear the daily updates, here is a brief timeline:

1: Found online listing for the house - checked it out that day and got a viewing asap.
2: Loved it! Offer made that night.
3. Offer accepted (minus a few minor details)
4. Celebration!!
5. Scratch that.... we can't accept the offer because of our loan - Renegotiate.
6. Play hardball with our offer - one good guy, one bad guy. Can you guess who is who?
7. Renegotiated offer accepted. Yay!
8. Wait... loan requires no repairs needing to be made - Renegotiate, again.
9. Renegotiated offer accepted, again. Yay!
10. Unplanned glitch - Hello new job.
11. Unplanned glitch - Prove I'm making some money to keep that loan.
12. Unplanned glitch is fixed by our wonderful mortgage lady.
13. Everything FINALLY works itself out, but with still a couple weeks left to wait for closing.
14. SOLD (today!)

That may not seem like a very long list, but trust me, I think it was the most up and down roller-coaster we have ever been on. But, as we kept saying, what's meant to be will be and everything good doesn't come easy. So, after all that paperwork is done we are heading straight over to 765 with a bottle of champagne and a camera to document the first evening in OUR HOUSE! Pizza party on the floor and the required picture in front of the SOLD sign will be a must. For anyone that is around, come stop by and join in our celebration!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting Ready!

The closing is less than a week away, and the Housewarming Party is now scheduled for April 15th at 6pm. Wooo! That means we are getting ready with handmade invitations that may look simple, but when you have two designers trying to compromise, it takes a little longer than expected. We finally finished up and they should be arriving in your mailboxes shortly! Hope to see everyone there!

 {invitation in progress...lots of cutting}

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Testing out the new blog!

Just wanted to see what it looks like.

I <3 my bear!