Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Is Here

Things around here have been a bit slow on the project progress. It seems we've been gone for nearly every weekend lately, leaving little time to actually accomplish anything. Not to mention is is now September, which means football and hunting are now upon us. We did however manage to get all four walls up and the door lockable on the shed. This means our dining room is back!! Everything is cleared out and beginning to find its home in the shed, though getting it organized is the beginning of a whole other project.

{orange door makes its return!}

{door trim}

Between the loaning of tools, knowledge and physical labor, tons of people have helped us with this shed. But we decided we couldn't bum everything forever so we finally made a purchase: A chop saw. And it has already been removed from the box and put to good use by BOTH of us! (Though mostly Travis) We spent this morning working trim for the orange door, which has officially made its return.


Our yard hasn't seen much love lately since it is mostly a staging location for shed work. The tomato plants are absolutely huge but we haven't gotten one tomato. The eggplants have been producing but I think they have about seen their days. Three green oranges are still hanging on. To make up for the lack of production, out of nowhere came a bulb popping out along the fenceline. Hurricane Lily/September Lily/Spider Lily (Lycoris radiata just for you Jeff) made its first appearance earlier this week and are known for staying underground all year until September. Right on time.

{September Lily}

I have a few Anthropologie home purchases to post later and I promise it won't take me 2 weeks!