Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Girly Must-Have

There's little to nothing in 765 that screams 'girly'. Certainly there's a female touch - few men will make the effort of choosing a throw pillow - but pink and frilly is nowhere to be found. Way back in 2011 we put a hole in my closet wall to get to a bathroom pipe. Since the closet wall was terrible fake paneling that was crumbling at the touch we took that opportunity to replace it. Since then it's remained the fresh wood but slightly unfinished. With a little spare time Travis finished all the wood detailing and I took the chance to add a feminine touch. Extra white and grey paint from the cabinets covered the walls (and the floor after spilling the can...), a bit of fabric covered the shelf, and a couple extra hooks that were lying around became convenient additions.
Looking for my outfits in the morning has become a little more enjoyable. Now hopefully this will make me want to put my clothes back where they belong a little more often...