Friday, April 20, 2012

Front Door Makeover

Our front door was in need of a good coat of paint. The white didn't quite make sense on a black door, and it was rusting through on half of it. We headed to the paint store for a can of black, where the paint guy warned us to get oil-based, "cuz if ya geht bah-ba-qu on it den it will come off".
A few long days of drying and the front door had a quick makeover.
So far so good on the BBQ...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walkway Update

Bricks were the next step after pouring the concrete pads for the walkway. Sounds pretty simple in theory right? Pick a pretty pattern, lay them out, then add some mortar. No quite. For some reason we had a large number of bricks buried under the grass in the back yard (probably why the grass doesn't grow well, yeah?) so in the process of digging out for the pads we unearthed them all.
Free bricks, awesome!
Dirty bricks, not so awesome...
Travis and I spent Easter Sunday scrubbing the bricks to get the years of dirt, moss, algae and everything else off. It was a workout. Another weekend of scrubbing and hopefully we'll begin the "simple" part.

dirty bricks.
clean bricks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For 765

Pinterest is pretty awesome.
It got me through wedding planning without losing the gazillions of places I was getting ideas from. There are recipes for anything you can think of. And I find tons of cool inspiration for 765. The problem is you can quickly fill up a board and then completely forget about what didn't want to forget.
So, to keep up with my pins, here are a few things I'm loving 'For 765' right now:

Sunday, April 1, 2012


This weekend we celebrated two whole years as owners of 765. Crazy!
We honored it by pouring the final pad of concrete for our walkway to the shed.  The chickens are hanging out in a neighbors yard for a bit so our grass will have a fighting chance at growing, which means we didn't have to keep chicken feet from dashing through wet concrete. (See picture two)
Next up comes the bricks!
Our front ironwork door is also in the process of getting a makeover. Pictures to come soon!


{chicken feet in concrete}