Sunday, April 1, 2012


This weekend we celebrated two whole years as owners of 765. Crazy!
We honored it by pouring the final pad of concrete for our walkway to the shed.  The chickens are hanging out in a neighbors yard for a bit so our grass will have a fighting chance at growing, which means we didn't have to keep chicken feet from dashing through wet concrete. (See picture two)
Next up comes the bricks!
Our front ironwork door is also in the process of getting a makeover. Pictures to come soon!


{chicken feet in concrete}


HP Moore said...

Look awesome!!! Cant wait to come see it!

Mom and Dad said...

Nice work, love the chicken feet!!

Jiffy said...

Chickens! I wish I had your life...

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd year!! Won't be long until wedding 1st anniversary. You two have accomplished a lot!!
Great Blog! Hugs, Boppy & Reggie

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