Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Signs of Spring

Daylight savings brought on an immediate motivation to get projects done around 765.

First up? A walkway from our house to the shed.

This has been on the list a while, but there has always been a bit of a debate as to how we would do it. Travis and I began breaking up the dirt, uncovering a brick walkway that seems as if a previous owner got tired of it all and threw dirt on top, hoping grass would grow. After much discussion we thought we had come up with the right design/proportions, until we dug a little further. A massive block of concrete buried near the shed from an old fence post left us changing dimensions.

Concrete for the first pad is poured, two more square pads and a whole bunch of bricks to come. Pending the weather, of course.


Mom and Dad said...

Wow, you guys really have gotten busy! It's going to be great!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Daylight Savings will bring motivation here soon! We are still staying up too late, causing sleeping in too late.... maybe it is just our age?? You two are great! Discoveries around your house are surprises. Hugs, Boppy & Reggie

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