Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crustless Quiche

Eggs are plentiful in our house.

Even with an egg for breakfast every morning they still seem to multiply, mounding up in our fridge. The only option is to either give them away (who wants some??) and find more things to make with eggs.
I found this crustless quiche recipe on food52 blog, and since we have kale in the yard I couldn't pass it up. It certainly isn't the prettiest thing around, but with eggs, kale and quinoa you just about have a complete meal - any time of the day.

p.s. No, this quiche isn't photoshopped, it's just those real, free-range, fresh eggs!

Monday, September 5, 2011


It has been almost three years since moving to Louisiana and I have yet to experience a hurricane. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining in any way. The thought of potential flooding and damage to the biggest thing I own (765) is pretty scary and I'm thankful we've been lucky. BUT, being from California where storms are few and far between, I've wanted to see a small, innocent, non-damaging storm pass through. That was exactly what Baton Rouge got when Lee spun through this weekend.

And I was in California.

While I missed the wind and rain it did make for a smooth and timely flight into New Orleans. And what Lee left behind was even better... {relatively} cool weather! I left the chilly bay area expecting to walk into a wall of humidity but instead I found my shorts and t-shirt aren't quite enough. 58 degrees tonight: this might just call for open windows, tea, and a blanket on the bed!