Monday, September 5, 2011


It has been almost three years since moving to Louisiana and I have yet to experience a hurricane. Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining in any way. The thought of potential flooding and damage to the biggest thing I own (765) is pretty scary and I'm thankful we've been lucky. BUT, being from California where storms are few and far between, I've wanted to see a small, innocent, non-damaging storm pass through. That was exactly what Baton Rouge got when Lee spun through this weekend.

And I was in California.

While I missed the wind and rain it did make for a smooth and timely flight into New Orleans. And what Lee left behind was even better... {relatively} cool weather! I left the chilly bay area expecting to walk into a wall of humidity but instead I found my shorts and t-shirt aren't quite enough. 58 degrees tonight: this might just call for open windows, tea, and a blanket on the bed!



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Dear 765, (couldn't find a general comments section, so putting this here ; )

I need some advice from you 2 nature folk! I'm in the market for a composter....or am I? What do you think is better: a compost pile or a plastic compost bin thing? Do ya'll compost?....if so, how?
jules from the port city

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