Friday, July 15, 2011


I imagine just by reading the title it might make a few people shutter at the thought. Knowing that quite often replacing a faucet can lead to a whole bathroom overhaul we were very cautious with this repair project. The old bathroom sink never quite drained well since we moved in and had only gotten worse. We (Travis) had narrowed it down to the turn in the pipe, conveniently located in the wall of my closet. So out came my clothes, wood removed and old pipe revealed. Cutting the pipe proved Travis right: rusted shut to a hole maybe the size of a nickle. That's not going to get water anywhere fast. Rust scraped off, the pipe was like new. Now putting it back together? A few trips to Home Depot and my plumber made it happen, now draining better than it has in years.

{1. wall removal. 2. pipe-less sink 3. sad pipe 4. new pipe! }

Project completed, and only the task at hand. {High five!} Though, with the removal of the wood in the closet we discovered a larger opening under the house than necessary. And re-covering the closet wall with something other than old cardboard wall paper is a must. New projects #1 and #2!

{the plumber and his assistant. love}


T Moore said... drains better than when we moved in

Mom and Dad said...

GREAT job Mr. & Mrs. Travis Moore (Juliet too!)!!

Mom and Dad said...

Very nice. It is always great when there is no buttcrack from either plumber or his helper.

patrick mooore said...

Excellent Adventure!!!

Unknown said...

what?! no plumber's crack photos!?

Kelly said...

Trying to keep it PG on the blog!

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