Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Wild Hair

More than a few weekends ago, on a Sunday morning Travis and I were discussing house projects over strawberry pancakes.  The conversation led to the kitchen where we are stumped on the puzzle that it is: lots of wood, a washer and dryer next to the fridge, and 100-year old cabinets that need a serious refresh. Our lower kitchen cabinets are painted in the stark, cheap white that shows every bit of grime, probably the worst idea for a kitchen, ever. It was also painted with an oil-based paint, without sanding or priming beforehand, so it's thick, uneven and just all around ugly.

By 11:30 that morning we were removing cabinet doors, drawers and knobs and turning the earlier conversation into a major sanding mission. I headed over to the paint store and brought home more samples of gray paint than you would ever imagine existed. Taped all over the walls in different pairs, we pondered 'Uncertain Gray' with 'Misty' or 'Jubilee' with 'North Star'? I bet you can guess who pondered longer....

{uneven handles}

Our kitchen is now in the living room, there's an absence of coffee in the morning because of all of this, and we're wondering why on earth we started this right before the wedding, but everything inside has been sanded. And let me tell you - I always thought sanding was kind of fun - taking off the old to show the even older. Hours and hours with an electric sander in your hand can change your mind on that. I was sore.


{And more sanding...}

Our grays have been selected and now it's time for the fun part.... painting.


Mom and Dad said...

As Mom, I know it's going to look great & I know you guys want your house to look nice for the wedding, BUT... it could have waited!!! Don't get yourselves over stressed!! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

EEEYikes ... I am glad I got to SEE the work and disarray with mine own eyeballiiiies! ... and you are so right Kell ... NOW the fun begins ... painting.

Love you two,


Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd! To be be young, ambitious and full of energy! Cheers, to you two. You will appreciate it all the more when it's finished!

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