Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spanish Town Mardi Gras: The Aftermath

One of the benefits of living at 765 is its amazingly close proximity to the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade route, the largest parade of the season in Baton Rouge. Known for often being inappropriate and getting out of hand (this year's theme: BP Blows and Wiki Leaks), it's not exactly the family friendly parade.

Even with severe thunderstorms and tornado watches in the forecast, 100,000+ people were still expected to come downtown for the festivities. The morning started out dark and only got darker, but at 7am you could smell jambalaya cooking and crawfish boiling from anywhere in the neighborhood - rain can't damper this crowd's spirits. The parade rolled out a little early in hopes of beating some rain, but instead landed right in the middle of the storm. Our party stood in a truck bed, screaming for beads as the wind batted the rain into our eyes, while severe weather conditions damaged houses in other parts of Baton Rouge. We were drenched to say the least, but with neck-fulls of beads and a drink in hand nobody cared.

I wish I had more pictures to prove it, but our first Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade at 765 was one to remember.

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Mom and Dad said...

Looks like fun except for the weather! Nice to have your own neighborhood celebration. Much better than being in New Orleans!!

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