Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Still Here!

I know it has been inexcusably long since my last post, but hey, I kind of had an excuse. We were getting married! And filling our house with more goodies from all of our family and friends than we probably deserve. (Along with boxes, packaging and more boxes and those don't make for very good pictures). But, since it has been so long I've got something good for you. Really good.

The shed (phase 1) is COMPLETE!

Remember what this poor thing looked like before this whole big project began?

Now we've pretty much got the most fabulous shed in Spanish Town, with awesome doors to actually close it! And once again those could not have been possible without the help of Mitch and his amazing construction skills. Big thanks!

Like I said earlier, we are calling this Phase 1, because really, if there wasn't something to do in or to the 'man cave' it probably wouldn't be a good thing. I'm sure we'll add another splash of orange and maybe some classy outdoor lights, but until then I'm going to say with the addition of 765 on the shed, it is complete. One item checked off the list.


Mom and Dad said...

It looks great!

vandy said...

what an amazing transformation! I love your before and after pics. hope ya'll are having fun newlywedding ; D

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