Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Handles polished.
New hinges installed.
Upper cabinets scrubbed...

...We pondered shades of gray for hours, then sporadically changed our minds when we got to Home Depot. Unpainted all of the handles (please don't ever paint cabinets without taking off the handles... ever!) with toxic things that ate through gloves. I knocked over a tower of freshly painted drawers. The dish washer was pulled out for weeks, making maneuvering difficult. We worried that this might end up looking exactly like it did before all this work began....

But now I can say...the kitchen cabinets are complete!

I wish these pictures could adequately display how drastically this refresh has decreased the grunge factor. I'm no longer scared to put my pots in the cabinets for fear of the 100 year old stuff that builds up on unfinished wood.  And there's nothing like having half the kitchen space for a month to make your appreciate the size of your kitchen, once the pots are no longer in the living room.

Clean. Shiny. New. 

{this pup seemed to think she made a better camera subject}


Mom and Dad said...

Looks very, very nice! Can't wait to see it!!!
She is such a cute pup!!

HP Moore said...

Wooo hoo!!! Excited you have your kitchen back in your kitchen!

Anonymous said...

You're missing a handle!

Kelly + Travis said...

@Anonymous... thanks for noticing!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!!! With all you guys have going on.....amazing. You are quite a team!

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