Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oranges, Picked!

Goodbye 2010 - You've been good to me, with a house, a fiance and a new take on doing what makes you happy.

Nearly 9 months ago we moved into 765 and planted our orange tree at the engagement party. We've watched little green oranges pop up, then fall off, and crossed our fingers as three continued to grow (remember?). In the end two survived and we finally go to pick them. Travis and I rang in the new year with some Blue Moon and oranges. They were delicious! We continued the rest of our New Years Eve evening with a progressive party between Spanish Town and Beauregard Town, and a trolly shuttling us boozers across downtown. Can't beat that for a local NYE. Cheers to a new year and hopefully a few more oranges!

{love oranges}

Hello 2011!


dottedcircles said...

Very nice! My parents and planted a blood orange tree when they bought our house in '01. It took years for it to make oranges, but now it supplies us with about four 5 gallon buckets worth every year! They are so so good!

Jeffrey said...

that is adorable you twos

Mom and Dad said...

LOVE your goodbye to 2010, we have a very smart daughter & very lucky to be getting an awesome son-in-law! Great pic of your oranges! Can't wait to see you & both of you in May (it will be here before we know it)!!! TONS of love & good health for 2011!!!

HP said...

Yummmyyy!!! Sorry we missed that! Perhaps a few more will pop up in time for another game night and wedding planning session?!?!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you both continued happiness and health this New Year! As always, LOVE your blog additions and pictures. New dishes!!!! Green chargers? I had to make the picture big to see Ju Ju Be in the compost. What fun. Sending 2 Big Hugs, Boppy & Reggie

Travis + Kelly said...

Just bought our orange tree a blood orange buddy!

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