Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - A Look Back

The past few years we've enjoyed a Blue Moon and our oranges on New Year's eve as we review everything we accomplished at 765 that year. Sadly the odd weather at the end of Winter last year confused our orange trees and left them with fruit at the wrong time. The fruit didn't last, and instead the trees spent the year growing like crazy. Hopefully that means next year will be that much more fruitful.
Here's a look back at what we did at 765 in 2012:

I got a new peep hole in my stocking.

We began a walkway project as soon as it wasn't freezing outside

The front door got a makeover.

We celebrated TWO whole years at 765 and the chickens helped us pour some concrete.

  All of our basil was put to good use for the winter months.

 The backyard walkway was completed!

Hurricane Isaac forced Travis to return home early, but luckily 765 came out damage-free.

The front window got a makeover since the door looked so good.

We (mostly Travis) installed lights above our dining table. I still get excited when I turn them on.

 Our winter garden turned out much more successful than our spring crop.

We already have some electrical projects under way to begin the new year, and a crop of cabbage ready to pick for good luck.
Cheers to a happy, healthy and FRUITFUL 2013!


Mom and Dad said...

You guys had a productive year, congrats!
HAPPY 2013 to 765 & family!

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