Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The pendant lights are installed and functioning!

This project was the first one inside 765 that required serious commitment. Paint can always be changed, but we cut a whole in the ceiling here. Those things weren't moving once that happened. Of course this is all thanks to Travis who did the real work, including spending more time than he wanted in the attic and putting his nail gun to work. 765 is lucky to have such a handyman.
The lights hang perfectly over the dining table, giving us a well lit evening meal or just a smidge of light while watching TV, thanks to the dimmer switch! Another added bonus of the project? The brass lamp that's been hanging around since we moved in can go into hiding until it finds a new home!



Mom and Dad said...

Your new lights look very nice! Great work Travis!

Sheila said...

Very nice work, Trav... and they look great!

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