Monday, August 9, 2010

A Good Old Fashioned Barn Raising

Okay. It's been a while, I know. But trust me, the long wait was all for good reason. We took on our biggest project yet, the shed - and let's start out by saying this NEVER could have happened without the help of Mitch, Christine, Nick and Abby, along with Momma Moore, Han and Big. Of course we went and picked one of the hottest weekends of the year, with temperatures well over 100 degrees, which really goes to show you just how awesome they really are. Travis and I really can't tell you enough, THANK YOU!!

So, here it is, in just a few quick pictures:

{shed: before} 

For obvious reasons the shed had to go. It is amazing to me it was still standing, being that half the beams were not much more than powder from years of being used as termite food. Add in that it had become a home for wood bees, roaches and probably a few other things I would rather not know about. And so, in an attempt to fix all those problems, in sort of just.... fell. 

{shed: mid-fall} 

All the tin was removed, that may be used on the exterior when we are finally complete. Old timbers hauled off, and it is time to start fresh. 

{shed: gone - the boy's shirts follow}

{Shed: beginning to form}

Day one ended with the framing of two walls and the beginning of the rafters. Not surprisingly the boys did nearly all of the grunt work. BUT, I was still the first to shed blood as I whacked apart the bamboo taking over behind the shed. That stuff is rough.... A few beers and it was an early night to say the least. 

{Day 2: Ready for the metal walls and roof}

The new structure is almost exactly the same, except for a new (old) cypress window that came from the neighbor across the street. Our next purchase may very well be the fan you see above, quite possibly the only way we all survived the heat. 

{shed: front view - future double door entry}

Thanks to Mitch's impeccable construction knowledge, this shed won't be going anywhere. Designed to meet and beat the highest standards and regulations, this shed comes complete with all the nuts, bolts and hurricane straps to make it likely a safer place to be in a hurricane than the house. Roof tin will be going up this week and the walls will hopefully make it up by the end of the weekend. Then we can move the fertilizer, paint, and power tools out of the dining room and into their permanent home!! 

Special thanks to Bayou Moore's for their contributions! Boppy and Reggie - your gift card made the header above where the large double doors will be going possible!

Stay posted: we'll keep posting pictures of the progress. 

And again, a million thanks to you guys for coming down and making this thing come together. We'll be there for any help your place needs!


Mom and Dad said...

AWESOME!! And, most awesome to have great friends to give you a hand! How are the chickens & when will you get eggs?

Travis Mo said...

Yes... Truly Great Friends. Chickens are 2 months away from egg production...or gumbo ingredients...

Debba Mo Jawdin said...

You two are amazing! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Boppy & Reggie said, "Wow, You had great helping hands, plus you are an excellent team!!
Bravo to all. Hope your weather gets better for finishing work. See you soon too!!! Hugs.

Daddio Moe said...

Awesome ... Just Awesome! Wish I coulda been there ... will catch the next wavE.

Lauren said...

Impressive! I need to come see this! Miss yall!

Nonnie said...

Good job folks. Now I want to know what happened to the pretty orange door?

dmoore3855 said...

You learn well grasshopper ...Commander says >>>>>>> You can thank him later for giving you the experience building the kitchen and Jenna says Go get em Boy !!

Travis + Kelly said...

The orange door will return, and maybe even another!

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