Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's funny, when people ask me what I did last weekend, and the weekend before, and every night after work, it's the same response: "We worked on the shed". It has gotten to the point where they are often responding, "STILL?". Trust me, I know it's been a while, but I don't quite think people realize the scale of this so-called shed. This is no six foot tall throw your shovels and broom in shed. This a 400 square foot home for tools, boats, trailers and everything else that is lingering in the house. It's a beast. All that is to say, it's not done yet folks. We're getting there, but you can't rush perfection.

 {window - BEFORE}

The roof went on fairly quickly after the structure got built - we couldn't leave that tin just sitting around burning up our lawn. The walls however, took a bit more time. Initially we had planned to reuse the tin that was on the original shed. After a bit of further consideration we opted for some shiny new tin instead. We might as well make this look as shiny and new as it really is! While much of the work on the shed only had room for me as the assistant, I did find one project to call my own - the window. The old cypress one from the neighbor is in need of some sprucing up, and with a little work with our brand new sander, it's on its way to looking as shiny and new as the shed. 

{back wall - DONE}

Getting these 10 foot tall panels of tin lined up perfectly top and bottom was a challenge, but so far it's looking great. Before we got all the walls up one of the bigger projects was running power to the shed so we could get rid of the orange extension cord running across our yard. With some amazing help from Dennis and Jeanne (Thank you guys!!!) we now have power! Actually seeing every step of the process, from digging the trench for the conduit, to connecting the wires to the light, then finally flipping the switch (and it actually working) was very exciting.


We've got a bit more wall that needs to go up, but we'll save those pictures for the final unveiling so everyone can get the full effect. Just wait... it may not be only an orange door that returns! All we can say is these ladies approve:

{Gumbo, Pot Pie, and Cosmo enjoying the shed}


Moose said...

Will you marry me?

Betsy said...

Thas some twisted chicken names...

Hambone Jones said...

Nice shed Trav! When you are done with that one you can come to my house and start fixing up the old piece of junk that was here when we bought our house.

Mom and Dad said...

As always, love it, love it!! Sorry our comment was late this time, busy working on California Bridal Shower! Fantastic to see you & we think the shower was a success!! Even had sunshine in Los Osos for the event!!!

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