Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Bit of Press!

We made the newspaper!! The Advocate, the newspaper for Baton Rouge, periodically features articles on historic neighborhoods throughout the city and discusses their culture, community, and why they are so successful. Today's front page of the People section featured 'Spanish Town Thriving' with Travis and me on the front cover painting our orange door!  View the article with all of Mr. Moore's quotes, and be sure to check out the multimedia link to the left with all the pictures.

     "Moore, a landscape architect planner, is even getting married a block outside the neighborhood, at St. Joseph Cathedral. “We live, work and play downtown,” he said.

      "Moore loves the fact that he can walk or ride his bicycle to his downtown office. “We share a symbiotic  relationship with the state buildings and downtown,” he said. “I made a lifestyle choice not to sit in traffic 30 to 40 minutes a day.”
He has an edible garden and is raising chickens in his backyard.
“We trade with our neighbor — cucumbers for blackberries,” Moore said. “That’s the way a neighborhood should interact. Spanish Town is not some cookie-cutter development that tears up some tract of land. We’re investing in a home some 90 years old that has a lot of work to do. That’s right for the environment and the lifestyle that comes with it.”

 It does a wonderful job of explaining why we all love Spanish Town so much. Thanks to our neighbor and Advocate photographer Liz for coming by to take the pictures!

Spanish Town resident Derrell Cohoon, left, walks his dogs, Magnolia and Jasmine, with fellow Spanish Town resident Shawn O’Brien and her dog, Hazel.
{Spanish Town residents! Photo by Liz Condo from the Advocate!}

In other news, we are loving everybody commenting on the blog and interacting with us as we document our projects. The other day we received two surprises in the mail: chalk and eraser for our chalkboard from Deb and Dwain, and a giftcard for Home Depot from Boppy and Reggie. THANK YOU!! We are preparing for our next big project and that card will surely come in handy! 

{We love the chalk!!}

Tropical Depression Bonnie passed over us last night. Our emptied rain tank gained 150 gallons and the thunder and lighting shook the house a bit in the early morning hours I'm told, but all in all it was fairly uneventful being that I was snoring away. Not that I want some huge storm, but hey, for someone that is used to earthquakes, these storms are new territory and kind of exciting. Maybe next time it could come by during they day so I could see it??


Mom and Dad said...

We LOVE the newspaper article with Travis' comments, AWESOME!! Boppy & Reggie will be tickled to have ink in your blog! Neat gift your friends sent you chalk & eraser! Kelly, these storms are giving your Mom more gray hair!!! Glad you got your tank filled! Can't wait to see you guys!!

Mom and Dad said...

Great article. I still like Kelly Moore over Sherwin Williams. Sorry Trav. Glad to see Boppy and Reggie get some ink.

Boppy & Reggie said...

WE GOT INK!!!! A neat way to say THANK YOU! Love your blog! Color selections great too! Hugs, see you soon! Boppy & Reggie

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