Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Weekend

This past weekend we spent in Alexandria to celebrate Rachel and Michel's engagement. Congrats guys!! It was a good little trip, but by Saturday night we were both saying we were anxious to get home so we could fiddle and tinker with our projects. We loaded up on some plants from Forest Hill (squash, cucumber, lavender and cilantro!) and some supplies at Home Depot, including this can of wonder:


This fancy little can turned our almost-gone BBQ into something that looks like it didn't sit outside for a few too many hurricanes. We tested it out that night and deemed it a success.

{No rust here!}

{Isn't she pretty?}

At the same time I picked out a color for the chalk board and we rummaged around to find a good piece of wood to be the back board. It will be complete before you come Julie!

{getting closer...}

Tonight as we were walking home from the running club the evening storm was rolling in and the wind picked up. It was just starting to rain as we got home, so we nabbed a few blackberries from the neighbor's yard for dessert and watched the rain fall into our buckets for tomorrow afternoon's watering. Free dinner, free beer, AND free water. What a night.


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Anonymous said...

funny i have the same BBQ sitting on my deck

HP Moore said...

Did someone say, BBQ? This is a miracle!

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