Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest Room/Man Cave

This weekend is Bayou Country Superfest!!! Two days, 10 country artists, 80,000 people, 1 stadium.... Let's hope we make it out alive. Since Nick and Abby are coming to stay with us for the concert I decided to do a little work on the Guest Room/ Man Cave. The two don't normally go together, but we're working on that. The back room almost instantly became the Man Cave because of the walls. Most of the house is covered with cypress paneling, but the back room has Pecky Cypress paneling. To me it was just more wood, and when I mentioned painting it in front of the house inspector he nearly killed me. Apparently it's very special wood, and has sort of become the theme of this blog. According to Dogtrot General Store:
       "Pecky Cypress refers to cypress lumber, whether tidewater or sinker, that has holes throughout it. It is rare, since it only occurs in occasional logs, and cannot be discovered until the log is cut. It only forms from the inside out in a circular pattern following the tree's rings. When milled, the pattern of pecky holes is random, and only lumber cut from the inside of the log will contain the pecky. Like all cypress, pecky is beautiful and durable. It has all the properties of regular cypress, including rot resistance and insect resistance."
 This also makes it very expensive... hence the no painting.

 {pecky cypress}

So, Man Cave it is. And a perfect location for the Moore family fish pictures that we have inherited. Fish. Wood. Powertools. Argh, argh, argh. I think Tim Allen would be proud.
Now getting the pictures actually hung, straight, aligned and perfectly evenly spaced, let's just say, it took a little longer than expected and the T-squares and levels were brought out because someone didn't trust my eye...


They made it up and look perfect. I hope Nick and Abby enjoy their weekend in the Man Cave. We are off to test out Travis' new crawfish boiler than two awesome girls bought him for his birthday, and to get this Memorial Weekend started. Hopefully I will have a picture of me and Keith Urban to post next time :)


Mom and Dad said...

Man cave looks great! Glad you are having a fun weekend!! Hope you get that pic with Keith, cuz I'm certain I (Mom) won't when we see him in July!!

GEAUXNIC said...

THANKS for a GREAT weekend!!! WE had a blast!! Can't wait to see pics of the completed Chicken coup!!

Travis + Kelly said...

Glad you finally saw the blog Nick! Come back soon, your 'N' cup is waiting!

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