Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plenty of Projects

Today was my idea of a typical southern afternoon in the spring: As I was outside taking some pictures for the blog I heard the thunder rolling in. Just as I finished up and got inside the downpour came and the air instantly turned from muggy hot to perfectly chilled. I opened every window and door in the house, then sat on the porch and watched the lighting from my dry nook. It was perfect. All I needed was a glass of sweet tea.


Last week I picked up the window frame at Habitat ReStore - I can't seem to decide on what color I want to spray paint it, so it remains bare and sitting in the spare bedroom.

{future chalkboard - green or blue?}

We got a huge score when Travis picked up an old cabinet/dresser piece sitting on the side of the road in Spanish Town. FREE! It is in need of some serious work, being that half the doors are broken off, but the old fashioned key-hole and knobs had me sold. A cabinet and TV stand maybe? That's if we ever break down and buy a TV and cable....

{keyhole & knobs}


And just a little update, we have an eggplant!!! I go outside and check this guy every day, and I'm already trying to figure out exactly how I will cook it.

{baby eggplant}


Mom and Dad said...

Very nice updates!! What a great FREE find, love it!! Very impressed with your baby eggplant, keep up the great gardening!!

Anonymous said...

i love the baby eggplant! I'm hoping soon i'll have my own baby tomato!

mary g

vandy said...

i say blue for the chalkboard!

i'm so excited to visit ya'll in a few weeks!!! (i hope the chalkboard is up then so i can write ya'll a message on it!)

love, jules

t said...

blue chalkboard! congratulations on the little eggplant guy. i bet he wishes he had a shark for a brother!

Rad Runner said...

I want to pinch that little baby eggplant on its little baby eggplant cheek

Travis + Kelly said...

Cuuuutttessst little baby eggplant ever!!

Sounds like blue is beating out green in chalkboard colors - any other votes out there?

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