Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodbye 505

We finally rented the apartment!!! This means no more paying rent AND a house payment - huge sigh of relief. The only small downside to not paying for two residences is our free internet from the State Museum. Now we have to actually call the cable guy and have them come install internet in our house - and we have to pay for it .... wha wha wha. So in the mean time my internet access is limited to Barnes and Noble on my breaks and trips to Travis' office in the evening.
Our last night of having the apartment we took a few pictures to remember how much we've upgraded (no more lattice!!) Sadly the purple and gold dining (for two) table didn't make it out of the apartment. The new renter bargained with us and we let it go. I think we came out on top though.

 {Lattice and the 3/4 light}

 {goodbye 505}

In other news, we took a trip to the Habitat ReStore last week and got some house goodies. Remember the fan blades  that were warped and sad? We dug through a pile of them and found a set of 5 match ones, got them home and nothing fit. I guess that's what you get for paying $2.00 huh? Other things we found were: an awesome window frame that I am hoping to turn into a chalk board for the kitchen, underground landscape piping, paint brushes, a cord that Travis had been searching for, and some caulk. Let's hope most of those work out better than the fan blades.

Tomorrow is my day off, so we'll see if we can get some crafty projects going to brighten up the wood. Maybe something like this? And maybe even a little wedding planning??


Mom and Dad said...

You guys have done great!! Keep up the good work & have fun doing it! We are glad we got to see 505. Looking forward to seeing more pictures! Love, M&D

Anonymous said...

Travis & Kelly, It sounds like you are going to have a great time at 765! We sure enjoy the blog. Hugs, Boppy & Reggie

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