Monday, May 3, 2010


After a few too many days of nasty, humid, grey-skyed-ness it's finally bright and sunny out. I think our potted veggies were just as happy about it as me, as I'm trying to soak in some sun before heading to work.


Our tomatoes are growing!! I know this probably doesn't seem terribly exciting to most, but last year we had a big gorgeous tomato plant with tons of flowers but never any tomatoes. I guess the bees couldn't find their way under the staircase... Now we have four plants all with little tomatoes. I guess those wood bees could be doing some good after all. We've also got two kinds of peppers, two blueberry bushes, an eggplant, mint that seems to want to own the whole backyard, and of course, our orange tree! I'm still not quite sure how the eggplant is going to work out, but it's got some good size buds. Tips anyone?
With only a couple of each plant we'll probably manage eating all of the crop, but I'm hoping we have extras to freeze just so I can use these awesome freezer labels. Someday....


Han said...

And enough blueberries to make a...COBBLERRRRRRR???

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