Monday, April 26, 2010


Firstly, because of all the requests, here it is, a picture of the ring!

{Pretty awesome, huh?}

Our (actually more like Travis') first big project was the shed/garage being closed in so we can actually store things in there. This included our first trip to Home Depot where I realized how expensive a piece of wood is. Maybe scrounging for scraps really isn't a bad idea... The wall is only temporary because eventually the whole thing will be torn down (or fall down if I kick it hard enough) It has massive termite damage, making it amazing that it withstood Gustav. The shed is also home to a large group of wood bees. These things are huge and at night when they are in their little wood holes eating away its the creepiest sound. Hopefully this wall will prompt them to find a new home and let me tend to my tomatoes without fear of being nailed. 


{termite damage/new wood}

{SO excited about the new wall!}

As you can tell from the pictures, night seems to be about the only time during the week that we can actually get stuff done on the house. Probably not the best time, but it made for a neat picture! 
Stay tuned, the next projects to come:
  • Windows, windows, windows
  • Exterior lighting
  • Gardening
And don't forget to let us know what you think of the blog!


Mom and Dad said...

We LOVE the video & your updates!!

t said...

enjoying your blog and glad i got to witness the engagement [via video].... so excited for you guys. wine soon?!

Anonymous said...

YES, we really enjoy your blog; the pictures, the comments, the descriptions & video. BRAVO Kelly & Travis!! You are clever writers. Kelly, we enjoyed the pictures & decriptions from Italy too. Sounds like you need a Home Depot gift certificate??
Love, Boppy & Reggie

Lindsey.Welchoff said...

Love the ring, so cool and unique! Glad you are stoked about your Tomatoes! I was almost in tears over my aphid ravaged Cilantro. Maybe it's time to try some Tomatoes! Love the updates!

Mom and Dad said...

That's great you've got little tomatoes already!
Sorry, no tips on the eggplant.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot is very happy with our business!!!

HP Moore said...

Maybe we should build one of these rad termite hills so the termites will leave the shed alone!

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