Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Weekend, plus some

Definitely a fail at keeping everyone updated on what's going on. Sorry! We've been cramming to get everything done for not only the party, but my parents arrival as well. They are in the air at this very moment!!

So, here are a few snippets from the past week:
1. Nick came down to help move the massively large desk and sofa that I provide little help for. As usual we had too much fun.... Cinna-nots!!
2. We cleaned. 
3. I finally went up into the attic (sort of)
4. And cleaned more.
5. The pilot light for the water heater FINALLY got lit, so now we have HOT water.
6. Most things are moved in, minus clothes and the random things that we don't quite understand how we have so much of.
7. We cleaned even more.

Since I need to hit the road to pick up Iwasko fam in Alexandria I'm just going to leave you with one picture that kind of sums up what we've spent our week doing. I promise we'll have tons to blog about after the party! Can't wait to see everyone!!



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