Thursday, April 22, 2010

I thought we were planting a tree...

I'm guessing by now most all of you know the big news... WE'RE ENGAGED!! Turns out that the tree planting we had planned was slightly more than a tree planting. Everyone was outside as Travis and I were planting a Louisiana Orange tree in our backyard to commemorate our new place. As Travis is toasting, I'm throwing some dirt in the hole, and everyone has their camera out, I looked over at him and he was on one knee. After that it was kind of a blur for probably the next 10 minutes, but I promise I said YES! Luckily, James came with his video camera in hand, so it is all caught on tape. As soon as we have it I will post it here!
And thanks to Hannah for renting an awesome lens and capturing the night! Here are some of my favorite pictures.
 {Just planting a tree, or so I thought}

{The proposal - ps this looks like we live in the middle of nowhere, but I swear it's a neighborhood}

{Awesome picture Han!}


So glad everyone was able to make it to the party! Amid all of this preparation, partying and then a bit of relaxation, we have done some work on the house. Nick came to town to help with some moving - too much fun as always!

{Nick discovers just how small our shower is}

Rachel and Michael came by with a housewarming present! 
{Can't wait for their housewarming party!}

And after numerous attempts, we were finally able to get the hot water heater pilot light lit, so we can now actually live here!
{Mr. Fix It}

Our current project is the shed/garage out back. Travis is working on walling the large entry in so we can lock it up and keep the tools and such out there. We made our first trip to Home Depot to buy supplies, so now I think that really makes us homeowners! 
In other news, we have yet to rent out the apartment, so until we do, I'm using as much water over there where I don't have to front the bill! And bumming internet as well. If anyone knows someone in need of an apartment... 
Hopefully now I'll be posting more often. Thanks again to everyone for joining us at the house party/proposal! We had a blast!!


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