Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weekend: Easter & Refrigerators

Whew. What a weekend, or lack thereof. I guess when you are a homeowner your holidays turn into work days....

On Friday I took a trip up to the Habitat ReStore to see what kind of goods they had and to see if it was worth a trip with the truck. I could have wandered around there for hours looking at all the old home pieces, but finally walked away with a bag of knobs for a dresser project for only $4.00.
Saturday we decided to head back up there with the truck but sadly, they were closed for the holiday. That lead us to Sheila's where we picked up a compost bin and a few chairs (Thanks Sheila!!) and sweet talked the guy from Entergy that was fixing her power to drive on over 765 to flip ours on for us. Surprisingly he did, so we didn't have to wait until Monday to get light. That lead to late evening cleaning and some progress in the yard.
Sunday morning we woke up in our house for the first time. Instead of a leisurely morning breakfast, we (Travis) began the day by taking down the warped fan blades out front. New blades to come sometime this week from ReStore!

 {special fan blades} 


While outside we bumped into our neighbor, a 94 year old man that is "tough as nails" and quite the talker. Travis got a bit of a lecture on hanging the flag, but then he wandered back over with an Easter basket for us. I'm a fan of him not only because he brought us chocolate, but because he has a 9 week old Border Collie I can play with. PUUUUPPPYYYYYYY!

{easter basket}

Some deviled egg making and brussels sprout preparing and we headed over to Sheila's for some Easter lunch. It was delicious and the perfect time of day for it. 

 {the BEST part of Easter food}

Conversation lead us over to Deb's to pick up her refrigerator she was getting rid of because of their kitchen renovations (awesome timing). It was quite heavy, which obviously I was not much help with, but Trav and Mark somehow managed to get it in the truck. Then the tricky part was getting it back out and up the stairs to our house. Thanks to Michael and Ryan for coming over to help!!

{plan of attack}

{the steps...}

{success...Thanks Deb!}

Of course no moving of the refrigerator could ever really go that smoothly.... We were washing the inner parts of the fridge at our apartment (since we had no running water yet at 765) and in the process of setting the main glass shelf down I managed to shatter the entire thing into a million pieces, all over the apartment. And the vacuum was conveniently located at the house now. Cleaning up glass by rag and sponge is definitely not my idea of fun. But we have a fabulous new fridge!
This morning we got running water so now we can really get down and dirty with the cleaning and moving in.


Mom and Dad said...

Sounds like you are having fun....Well sort of. See you guys soon. LD and M

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