Monday, October 10, 2011


We seem to have a continuous battle going on with our bathrooms. A leaky faucet, a clogged pipe, another leaky faucet and a stripped pipe. Not to mention the knob and tube wiring that gave up, leaving us with a desk lamp in the window sill to light our showers. But then again, that's why we bought this house. The floors just don't creek the same in new construction.

Our failed light in the back bathroom was replaced by a light and fan (thanks to Uncle D!) No more hot, stagnant air. The faucet leak has been fixed, even though Travis was told it would be a $300, wall-ripping-out repair. Luckily the guys at Lowes seem to know what they are doing and told him otherwise. Now all we need are some fancy new faucet handles, a new shower curtain rod and we will have won the battle with the back bathroom.... for now.


Mom and Dad said...

Good job guys! Love the ceiling fan/light!!

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