Friday, January 21, 2011

Knock, Knock

We're staying warm, for now.

After a servicing our 45-year old water heater seems to be running better than ever.  It's back to a steaming (literally) hot shower that wakes me every morning for work.

But then one night we were in the kitchen cooking dinner, and there was a knock. We looked at the door - nobody. Another knock. Still, nobody. Then a light bulb flashed on over Travis' head and he remembered what the repairman had said: when the water heater starts to go it will start knocking. It was knocking all right. So its back to researching water heaters while we cross our fingers this antique can last us into a warmer, post-tax-return season.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, What a Knock, Knock, no-joke! A trip to Home Depot is ahead. I checked the wedding blog too; I know it will be a great, fun, May 13th. Advice: Make SURE you have someone that isn't in the wedding party to know ALL the details & timing. YOU will be too busy being the BRIDE ETC.
Sending big hugs with LOVE, Boppy

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