Sunday, November 7, 2010

Random Little Things

Halloween night we had a very big event at 765. Travis carved his first pumpkin! With the pumpkin carving kit my mom sent us (thanks!) he finished it off in probably less than 10 minutes and made me, the one that carves religiously every year, look like the amateur. The pumpkins have spent the past week sitting happily on our porch and lasted this long with some help from the cold snap. Until Saturday. We came back from the LSU game (did you see the score?!?) in the early evening to find this guy sitting in the corner of the front yard as if he was staring at his buddy still on the porch. It gave us a puzzled chuckle and we've left it sitting there to see if it might venture somewhere else. That's Spanish Town for you.

{watching over 765}

I've mentioned it a bit in the past few blogs so I figured I'd show off what we see nearly every day: hatching butterflies. As caterpillars they covered our passion vine on the fence and have nearly devoured it to sticks. Now cocoons are gracing nearly any surface they can find and butterflies are popping out daily. Way more exciting than the butterfly box we kept in kindergarten.

{just hatched}

Check back soon (and I really do mean soon, because we FINALLY got internet!!!) for an interior update!


Trav said...

Poor lonely comment-less post

Mom and Dad said...

OMG, Congrats!! Hope we will be hearing from you more often (we miss you guys!!!).

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