Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living Room Lived In

Finally, an interior update!!

If you've had the opportunity to visit 765 you know that our living room is one long, big space. We've been lucky enough to have some gracious family members give us furniture to help fill this oversized space. But no matter how we organized it, the space always felt more like a furniture show room than a place to plop down and enjoy company.

{living room - before moving in - this is only half}

Our latest furniture addition however, changed that. Deborah and Mark gave us their old dining room table that was the perfect length to fit right in front of the fireplace. After the table was in place we started playing musical sofas until we found a layout that worked - for now at least. The long green room has now become a dining room and a living room with plenty of space for a dinner party or the monthly Spanish Town Beautification meetings.

{dining area}

{living area}

{chicken pillow}

We also had a chance to put our Anthropologie gift cards to work on some amazing deals. I scored a large area rug for in front of the couch and tv, (yes I said tv!!) along with a funky pillow that pays tribute to our late Gumbeaux and Pot Pie. Add in a few free house plants I got from work and it's really starting to get cozy! As always it's still a work in progress, but in the past two weeks we have used the green room more than we had in the past eight months, combined. I call that a success.

p.s. See the gold lamp in the before picture? If anyone is interested in it please let me know. I despise this lamp (it came with the house) and can't manage to sell it on craigslist. Anybody, anybody?


Mom and Dad said...

Dining room & living room look very nice! TV too?! Wow!!!

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