Sunday, October 3, 2010

September is Gone, Hello Fall

I say this with more excitement than most of you would imagine, but FALL IS FINALLY HERE! At least for the next week or so here in Louisiana. With a low in the forties tonight I'm pondering the idea of breaking out my Uggs, but am a bit scared to jinx this good fortune. For now I'll be happy with the comforter back on the bed. Celebrating this crisp weather (crisp meaning in the mid 70's) we've spent nearly every moment we could outdoors: BBQing (Grilling-out for some folk), a few house projects, and.... playing with the new puppy!!!



Juliet made her arrival at 765 last week when Anthropologie hosted their Sit.Stay.Love event and the Denham Springs Animal Shelter brought in six pups they hoped to find homes for. She is a Catahoula mix that flew out of the car and into my arms and obviously I couldn't let her go, even though we had planned to hold off on a pup until after the big day. So far she is an amazingly well behaved dog - she chases the tennis ball AND brings it back, is getting pretty close to being potty trained, herds the chickens but doesn't eat them (yet), and has limited her puppy destruction to only things paper. Fingers crossed it remains this easy.

{Existing framework, no roof}

This afternoon we did a little project on the house. The side door had the wood structure for an overhang but no roof over it and we were left with a bit of extra tin from the shed project, so we put it on up. It is nothing major, but it will allow for a new dry entrance if it's raining and will hopefully block some of the hot morning sun in the summer to keep the house a bit cooler. We had hoped it would show off the tin a little more but the angle of the original structure wasn't much more than flat. Probably not permanent, we'll be happy with its functionality for now.


And I promise I'm not forgetting.... We have made a few purchases with the Anthro gift cards we got at the CA wedding shower. I'll show off my favorite buy yet, the Coat of Arms mirror - slightly girly but Travis still approved! The mirror is hung in our bedroom and inspired a cleaning and rearranging of the whole space. It's rather amazing what a mirror can do to make it feel like a bedroom instead of just a room with a bed.

{It's larger than it appears!}


Mom and Dad said...

Juliet is adorable! We can't wait to meet her! The overhang is great & the mirror is beautiful! Love, M & D

vandy said...

Juliet is absolutely beautiful!....and what a great name! ; D Ok, so I'm coming down to visit ya'll before next year, fo reals! My brother is actually moving to BR this week, so I'm sure I'll be down soon. Can't wait to meet your girl!

Mary said...

The new puppy is SO SO SO cute!

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