Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Incredible, Edible...

It has been weeks of checking the yard's nooks and crannies for one of our ladies' prizes and now I can finally say it: WE'VE GOT EGGS!! Travis and I returned home from work one day to find it sitting casually in the cage, left their as if she couldn't quite decide what to do next. Now we find them almost daily in the neighbor's yard, hidden in between fence and weeds, precisely where Juliet can't sneak her head in. So far we think it is likely Honey because of the egg's color, but hopefully Cosmo will follow her lead shortly.


Travis and I are saving up the eggs to use this coming weekend for the Spanish Town Supper Club we are hosting at 765. The theme, "From Your Hand" is in an effort to get as many neighbors to bring something they grew, raised, harvested or cooked for everyone to enjoy. Yard eggs seem a perfect addition to what our main course will be: Gumbeaux. And what will make the whole preparation of the supper so much easier? Our brand new BBQ! It is completely put together now, every screw accounted for, and just waiting to be fired up. Thanks again to everyone that got it for us!

{I can smell the burgers now}

It seems this colder weather (again, only 80 degrees) has sparked some new growth in alot of things. We have eggs in our yard, a new puppy getting bigger daily, caterpillars and cocoons all over our walls, lettuce starting, and amazingly we have tomatoes. After months of gorgeous plant but no fruit I had nearly given up hope and stopped watering. Now there are tomatoes falling over the fence and into the street. I guess that just goes to show you, patience is a virtue. 


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