Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Battling Drafts

The winters are cold and the summers are hot inside 765, but the character is unbeatable and it's cliche, but they just don't build them like they used to. The draftiness was meant to circulate the house and is the reason a leak will simply dry instead of mold. While insulating and lowering our energy bill sounds appealing, it's hard to change it, since it was supposed to be like this. So we're working on a happy medium.
While standing in the kitchen any gust of air came right inside. When it's 30 degrees outside even the gas oven has a hard time offsetting that. So we pulled out the wood and found where the draft was coming from: around the sink pipe and from under the house. Travis added a little bit of insulation, a good amount of spray foam around some big gaps, and added fresh new wood around it all. In the process the sink water hoses were replaced and Travis put his wood working skills to use making tongue and groove pieces for the cabinet.
Less draft and a fresh, clean space under the sink - a successful weekend project in my book.


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