Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fix-It Project: Bathroom Light

There is always a project at 765. Even if it's not the one you want.
Our bathroom light fizzled out, which meant it became the project on the top of the list. (And a resurgence of the dreaded brass lamp so we could use the bathroom in the meantime)
We spent a full day flipping breakers, testing outlets and yelling instructions from across the house. Come to find out half of the house is on one breaker and the bathroom is split between two different ones. And a whole, unnecessary spiderweb of wires was hanging out in the attic. Problem discovered, it was soon repaired and we now have a little less load on one full breaker. (And the brass lamp is once again in hiding.)


Anonymous said...

VERY nice!

Mom and Dad said...

Had to chuckle! Great job guys!!

Margert Woodcock said...

First, I love the choice of lighting fixture! On another note, you had to turn off the two breakers during the repair, right? It’s a bummer to work in an environment with no electricity. Good thing the lighting problems don’t take too long to fix. :)

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