Wednesday, November 21, 2012

For 765 / 5

Media consoles are taking precedent in the 765 Pinboard lately. I guess with new lights there is a need to make everything match?
 I fell in love with the Patchwork Dresser from West Elm the minute I opened the catalog. We have quite a few different wood finishes in the house and this would tie them all together perfectly. Sadly it's $1,000, so it won't be coming home to 765 anytime soon.
The next option is a close second and much more affordable, but we'd be adding yet another wood finish to our mix.
The third one is a good combination of painted and wood but the style might be a bit too simplistic for me.
I guess for now I'll dream of an amazing Black Friday deal on option number one!
1. / 2. / 3.


talkingtofenceposts said...

Go to the antique stores in Denham Springs, you can usually find furniture for really cheap, then re-finish the front doors differently and make your own knock-off! Not that you guys need any more projects...

Kelly said...

It's certainly something I've considered! And since posting this I've seen option 2 in person and hated it - Making my own may be my only option!

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