Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For 765 / 3

A few more pieces from the For 765 Pinterest board. It's kind of surprising how two out of the three have wood on them, considering I'm usually trying not to add any more. Chairs are in regular rotation on the board and those would fit in perfectly, though we probably can't fit another in the house. That clock/calendar is just plain awesome. And the shower head would make for an attractive solution to not opening up the bathroom wall.


Mom and Dad said...

You are right about each, the shower head being the most needed??!!!

cynthia webb said...

I like the look of the shower head, but know I prefer to stand back and have the shower spray at me, instead of right up and close to the wall. Ours is a Grohe, it is a vertical bar that has the hand held, so you can set the shower head at all heights. (Good for low back pain).

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