Tuesday, July 3, 2012


While some of our veggies haven't fared well with the heat, we do have one that just keeps on growing: our avocado tree. A neighbor passed this challenge on to us when it was only a foot tall. We accepted, though unsure being that Louisiana is not prime avocado climate and the only one we knew of died two winters ago from frost. Travis has transferred it from pot to pot as it outgrows each, and it is safely tucked away in the shed whenever frost might be eminent. (Though it has almost outgrown that option!) Our hopes for homegrown avocados get a little closer everyday.


Mom and Dad said...

Awesome! I hope it will survive your winters. You do know that you need 2, or another one nearby to get avocados, right? Kel, remember our trees in FV? They got me so spoiled! We had so many one year, we had to share with the neighbors! You guys needing some CA avocados? They are in peak season right now, let me know.

Jiffy said...

What kind of avos?

Kelly + Travis said...

This one we're hoping for hass but not exactly sure. A second one sprouted out of the compost bin and is catching up - a California Hass.

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