Thursday, June 21, 2012

For 765 / 2

Generally I'm not a fan of wallpaper unless it's extremely simple. Too much print and it's a flashback to the tacky florals and fruits that adorned most homes in the seventies.
But I can make an exception for this one.
A wall (just one) covered in a flamingo print? Yes please. And it doesn't even have to be pink. The words 'classy' and 'flamingo' might actually go together this time.


K-Dub said...

Oh I love the bottom right!

sheila said...


Uncle D said...

Kelly, beware !!! Putting Flamingo's in your house could leead to other walls being a tribute to water fowl ...Just sayin :)

Kelly + Travis said...

Hah! I thought that's what the camp was for though!

Patrick said...

I LOVE it KJean!

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