Friday, May 4, 2012

May Flowers

Our garden is getting fuller and fuller every day.
The bell peppers are almost bigger than the plant they are on.
Tomatoes are becoming tarantulas again.
Basil sprouted from seed and has now taken over the front corner.
A squash plant that made it through frost has taken over, though all of the squash get to about the size of a golf ball then turn yellow and wilt. Any squash experts out there?
So far the most exciting though, is this Zinnia. I had planted from seed a slew of white ones for the wedding last year. They all came back up from the seeds on their own this year, some still white, some bright fuchsia, and this one a perfect mix... The Spanish Town Zinnia.


sheila said...

Ah, yours bloomed first! I hope the chickens don't dig up and/or eat all of mine before I get flowers! Love the pink!

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