Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poor Blog

I know, I know. It's been way too long since the last post, but I promise we didn't forget about the blog. In the past few weeks we have been VERY busy, and the list just keeps on growing. Let's see if I can remember everything we've done:
  • Planted a mini-garden with some of our vegetables.
  • Got the front doorbell working.
  • Backyard security light sensor is up and running. 
  • Cleaned out the gutters only to find the concrete elbow completely packed with debris. Fixed just in time for a downpour.
  • Finally received our very own recycling bin!!
  • Raided the back shed with a bug bomb while we left for the weekend. We came home to a cemetery of roaches. (For someone that grew up where roaches were a sign of a restaurant that didn't pass its health inspection rather than just the southern humidity, the roaches HAD to go.) The mosquitoes somehow figured out how to survive :(
  • Bought a rain tank! 
  • Picked some tomatoes, blueberries, and peppers from our yard. Watched our oranges get a little bigger.
  • Discovered it's about time to begin projects inside, as it's certainly not cooling down anytime soon.
  • And.... we got CHICKENS!!!
Yes chickens. Little tweeting baby puff-balls that are beginning to look like real chickens now.  Two brown ladies and one black chick (named Cosmo, in honor of Kwaaammmiieee). They hang out in their coop while we are at work, then come flapping out to peck around in the yard until it gets dark, where they like to roost on the handrail to the backdoor. Pretty darn cute. Countdown begins until the Fall when we will hopefully have a daily dose of fresh eggs!!

{baby cheep}

{getting bigger}


The 200 gallon rain tank will hopefully be installed this weekend, raised and with a drain so we can get some pressure to water our plants and keep excess water from piling up under the foundation. Plus it couldn't hurt our water bill. 

{200 gallons of awesome-ness}

{veggie garden beginnings & the rest to come after the shed destruction}

All of our tomatoes seemed to ripen at the same time, so I ended up making a pizza with our garden prizes. And I have to say, the crust rivaled Trader Joe's herb crust pizza dough, it was THAT good.

It is finally raining again downtown. I say that because it can easily be a torrential downpour at work 15 minutes away, and not a drop will fall at home, and because I have somehow gotten used to a daily afternoon rain, instead of SLO's 3 days/year. Time to watch the lightning over the river.


Laura Minkkinen said...

Yes, I would like a slice please.

Mom and Dad said...

Great update! I've been waiting to see a better pic of the chicks! You guys have done a ton of work! It all looks great! Love, M&D

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